Thank you!

Computer Online Ventures, Inc. has ceased operations. After 5 years in the business of selling Macintosh products online, the market and the Internet has changed significantly.

Using the Internet to directly connect with customers is one of the great opportunities for Macintosh developers. The lowering of barriers to establishing an online presence and integrating ecommerce systems have increasingly changed the role of 'resellers'.

Due to this changing role, the health of the Mac market, the unprecendented growth of Internet commerce, and the increasing amount of competition amongst resellers, we feel our service is no longer necessary.

We are sure that all Mac consumers will be able to find great products for their Macs and we are equally certain that Mac developers will find a ready market online for their products.

We wish everyone the best success and thank you all for your support of the platform, the Internet, and W3soft.

Jason Wallace


Computer Online Ventures, Inc. / W3soft